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The term ‘young’ denotes the time (usually the period between 16-25/30) when we are very active and we have no problems such as wrinkles on the skin, lack of energy, etc. Talking about oldness, we get afraid of losing energy and facing all other aging signs. No one of us wants to get old as our desire is to staying young forever.

As per the law of nature, we can’t escape ourselves from getting old and the signs of aging process. But we can lower aging process or the rate of getting old. For your convenience, we are going mention 9 amazing secrets to staying young.

Avoid overeating

You should avoid overeating. It is a bad habit having meals at fixed times. You should take your meal when you feel hunger. Take foods in small quantity 4-5 times a day instead of taking foods beyond need.

Indulge in physical intimacy/have regular sex

Mehmet Oz, a co-author of ‘YOU: Being Beautiful’ and professor of surgery at Columbia University, says “Sex gives you the Zen moment you can’t find throughout the day otherwise.” Men and women who enjoy sex live for a longer period as having sex is a good form of exercise and makes you feel happy. So, have sex on a regular basis/daily in order to stay young, fit and active.

Do regular workouts

If you are serious about staying young forever, you need to stay healthy & fit. There is no need to join a gym or hire a personal trainer to have sound health and a fit body. You can have a fit and healthy body through simple exercises like walking, jogging or running. Going for a morning walk or running on a regular basis is enough for you to have sound health. If you want to have a strong body and then you need to perform exercises of high intensity.

Take green tea

According to recent researches, green tea has the chemical named as EGCG. This chemical enhances the metabolism of your body. It supports you to burn 70 calories a day that leads you to lose your weight. Its regular intake improves the level of antioxidants in your body. The antioxidant, catechins, burns fat of your body and boosts metabolism. Take 2 cups a day to build metabolism and lose your weight.

Maintain your weight

Your weight should not be too low and too high. It should be in comparison with your body height. Try to have a balanced weight. If you have weight gain or loss, be careful and try to keep it maintained just after viewing its visual effects.

Apply your brain

Dr Geula, a neuropsychologist, has found that some of people aged 80 years perform as the people of age group of 50 years. It is as the people of 80 have maintained their brain activities. So, it is clear that you need to keep your brain active all the times for staying young. For keeping your brain active, you can learn new languages, play chess, participate in word games and indulge in activities that require very conscious mind. Your sound mind/brain will help you slow down your aging process and stay young for a longer period than usual.

Stress less

You know stress or depression makes us weak. As far as possible, try to stay away from getting stressed. It is a little bit hard, but you can do it. When you get stressed, start laughing with your closed one or watch light & funny television programs/movies. This will lower your stress level and make you feel better.

Drink red wine

Take a peg of red wine on a regular basis, but don’t make it a habit or avoid over drinking. The red wine has a component as resveratrol that can reduce the risk of diabetes and support in solving liver related issues. The effect of red wine has been proven in the research conducted over mice.

Include plants in your diet

Most of the recent studies state that the people eating vegetarian foods live longer in comparison with the one taking non-vegetarian foods. So, include green leafy vegetables and fruits like cabbage, cauliflower, tomatoes, berries, watermelons, apples, oranges, etc in your diet. As far as possible, stay away from non-veg foods.

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