Do you feel sad and lost despite of having everything? You feel that something is controlling your life, and your prayer does not help you. Keep in mind you are responsible for this. Your ego destroys the happiness of your life even you do good things. Here are some ways to make your life better and I am sure applying the ways will help you get your happiness back:

1. Have faith in love

In today’s life, it is hard to love unconditionally. Almost love has become a business and everyone has a purpose behind that. Love has got restricted to spouse and family members. You start hating the person if he/she does something against you. Hate makes your life tougher. Therefore, love all and hate no one.

2. Be constructive, but not the destroyer

Building anything takes time, but destroying the same happens fast. Suppose that you have a house. You want to make a new one after destroying the old one. You get the building destroyed in two to five days or even in few hours, but you have to wait for a month or more to construct the new one. The same thing happens in a relationship. Therefore, keep moving over to make a relationship stronger and ignore the things that make it weaker.

3. Keep smiling

All of us love small kids. Do you know why? It is as small kids always have a smiling face. They are carefree and it’s their parents who manage all the things for them. Learn something here. Keep smiling all the time even you have problems and never let a frown come to your face.

4. Be struggler

Keep in mind practice makes a man perfect. Never quit fighting the problems even if you fail to attain the target for the first time. Keep struggling and back it with a strong willpower and an eager to learn at every step. One day, you will have the one you are dreaming/you have dreamt.

5. Praise, but do not curse

Everyone becomes happy after being praised. Praising someone makes you happier and boost your morale and leads you to perform well. Know the details and praise the person if he/she takes smaller steps. Keep in mind that criticizing makes no difference and hence, make a distance from it.   

6. Be a healer, but not hurter

Do you wound people? Of course, not is what most of you will say. Directly or indirectly you wound people. You get irritated or angry when someone makes a mistake. You do it, as you think you are big and smart. The person whom you scold is low at that time, as it hurts him/her. Instead of hurting him/her, listen to them and try to know why he/she has made that mistake. Ask him/her for improvement and be a healer. It makes your life better.

7. Be a giver

Do you think you have nothing to give? You are totally wrong. You have smile, knowledge, excess stuff and words to give. Are you thinking it will be over? Of course, not. Your kind words can make someone happy, sharing knowledge makes someone learn from you and it will grow, excess stuff such as food can make you have fun & happy and your smile can make someone’s day. Start sharing these things and you will get the same in unexpected ways.

8. Make no delay

Be active and make no delay. Start ignoring the thinking like you will be happy when you have this and that. Celebrate the moment even you attain a small achievement. Celebration makes you happier and fills you with positive energy that encourages you to do better. Apart from celebrating for yourself, you should do it for others too. Act happiness daily.

9. Keep praying, but do not despair

Sometimes, prayers do wonder. There are two reasons behind this. The first one is that it is a positive act and the second is the one that it keeps you connected with your GOD. Whatever the religion you believe in, keep praying. Pray with full dedication when you are completely free and never make prayer a duty. Praying with full concentration helps you have a positive mental strength.

10. Be a forgiver

I am upset, angry, depressed at him/her, as he/she has done wrong with me is a very common statement these days. It is probable that some things would have made you feel hurt, but it does not mean you should make it a very big issue. Forgive the person if he/she does something wrong with you. This will make your life better.

By Amit Kumar

Amit loves reading and writing a lot. In addition, he likes guiding people through his blog writing. Backed by more than 10 years of experience in content writing and editing, he can write articles, blogs, website content, guest posts, product descriptions, user manuals, etc. He is skilled in writing content pieces on health & fitness, foods, fashion, beauty, technology, travel, career, marketing, and such more. Get in touch with him at amit.kr.raushan@gmail.com.

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