Is it so easy to shed pounds what is recommended by some of the weight reduction industry? Taking this pill, following that eating routine or purchasing any equipment can be melted the fats, and make you healthy and slim? It is not all that simple. The specialists who work in weight loss management are very much aware that weight reduction is about significantly more than basically attempting to eat fewer calories or pretty much discovering time to work out. It’s about strong commitment of taking healthy decisions each day….regardless of what is going on in your life.

Here we have specified a few causes why your expectation and endeavors may be unable to lose weight objective and how to defeat it.

1. Workouts

If you don’t workout reliably and consistently enough, it’s difficult to lose weight. You don’t have to invest hours in the gym center, you just need to set up a reasonable workout plan that you can take after every week. You must will to be more dynamic all the timeā€”not only for a week here and there. Exercises, for example, lifting weights and doing cardio ( breathing exercise, walking, swimming etc.) basic yoga, and so on a few times (not less than 30 minutes) each week is a sustainable procedure for keeping up metabolic rate amid weight reduction. The idea behind weight loss is simple–burn more calories than you eat.

2. Dietary pattern

Changing the way you eat is something you must accomplish for long-lasting weight reduction. You have to supplant unhealthy food with healthier ones and settle on sensible choices about what you put in your mouth. For long lasting weight loss, you have to think and consider on what you eat and use better choices as a general rule. Perhaps a structured eating routine in the long run closes, yet healthy diet never stops…there will never be a period when you’re set practicing good eating habits.

3. Lifestyle

Building your own fitness habit can take a long time. In the event that you need a healthy life, you must change your everyday lifestyle. For example, you may need to rise earlier and choose to work out in the morning before going to work. Waking up at a specific time each day can condition your body to adapt to the pattern and make it easier for you to form this habit. Restrict the time of watching TV or sitting at the PC. You can always mix up the activities but try to maintain a consistent time pattern. Make sure you stick to this even if you do not feel motivated to work out for the day. Remember constant vigilance is the best motto for everyone who is trying to lose weight.

4. Anxiety

Anxiety can push you to settle on undesirable decisions. Regardless of the fact that you eat healthily and do work out, an excessive amount of anxiety can make you put on weight. Anxiety can trigger adrenalin and cortisol, which cause your body to feel hungry regardless of the fact that you are actually not.

5. Sleep

The human body needs sufficient amount of rest to work well. An appropriate amount of sleep can likewise renew your vitality and help your muscles recoup from your workouts. It is strongly advised to get no less than 6 to 7 hours of sleep each night. This rest will keep you dynamic, refreshed and healthy.

6. Mindset

Negativity can only make you feel bad. Remember that a healthy lifestyle is about balance. Do not be depressed if you fail once. This does not mean that all of your efforts have gone in vain. Just do your best to get back on track. Finding your own methods of maintaining weight can make you feel good about your accomplishments.

7. Planning

Without a plan, none can make success in any mission. So if you cannot make a schedule of your workouts and treat them just like any other business appointment you will not be successful in gaining weight loss. Then you should be ready to take responsibility for the schedule you’ve created, otherwise, it will be hard to lose weight for you.


Losing weight and achieving your ideal body weight are only half the battle. Weight maintenance can be just as difficult as losing excess weight. There are many examples of people who have lost weight very quickly but gained it back even more quickly. This happens because people go back to their original, gluttonous and unhealthy lifestyle as soon as they lose weight and gain their target. Losing weight is not a process which ends, it is a lifelong, prolong the process. You need to follow some rules whole of the life if you want to stay young, fit, healthy and active.

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  1. With the right plan and consistency, we can lose weight to look slim & healthy. I love your post.

    1. Yes, you are right. Stick to the plan that you make for your weight loss and you’ll get the result.

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