Most of us have a desire to know how to stay young or what the secrets of staying young are. Many researches were conducted and are being conducted. Most of them have suggested that we can stay young if we slow down our aging process and have a healthy and fit body. For your support here, we have come up with 6 real secrets of staying young:

Eat more plants

Many scientific researchers suggest that eating plants or raw foods help you live long as their nutrients are in original forms. However it’s hard for us to take raw foods or eat plants, we can include some raw vegetables like cucumber, tomatoes and onions as salads in our meal. It helps you to get the original nutrients.

Take small amount of meal when you feel hunger

Most of you have a tendency to take your meals at a scheduled time whether you are hungry or not. Some of you take more meals and make your stomach overloaded. Both are wrong habits. Stop doing it and take your meal in small amount whenever you feel hunger. If you don’t feel hunger, consult a doctor to get rid of it. But don’t eat so much.

Use your brain

What you are or what you feel is the result of what you have in your brain. In order to stay young, you need to feel it and keep your brain young. For keeping your brain young, you can solve puzzle, learn new language, drive through a new route and do what makes you brain sharp.

Have sex on a regular basis

Mehmet Oz, MD, professor and vice chairman of surgery at New York Presbyterian–Columbia University says, “Women who enjoy sex live longer.” He says, “Sex gives you the Zen moment you can’t find throughout the day otherwise.” In fact, doubling the amount of having satisfied sex can add up to three years to your life. “

Take some merlot

I hope you would have heard about resveratrol, a compound, found in grape juice and red wine is believed to slow down aging process. Having grape juice or red wine in moderation on a regular basis does have heart-healthy benefits and helps you stay young and live longer.

Keep your weight in control

Always keep in mind that having a fat or thin body is not good for health. You need to have a fit and healthy body in order to staying young. Have a watch on your weight and keep it under control. For this, take exercises daily. If not able to the workout of high intensity, go for walk, jogging or running to stay healthy and fit.

By Amit Kumar

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  1. Great post! In fact, running, taking green tea and keeping the weight in control helps you a lot to stay young, healthy and fit.

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