Edited & Updated – You know there is a time in our life when we all are filled with energy and we are healthy. At that time, we are young and our ages lie between 18-35 years. No one of us wants to lose this as we don’t want to face oldness. Every one of us makes lots of efforts to escape from oldness. Yes, it’s true that no one can escape from getting old, but you can slow down your ageing process. And this can lead you to stay young for a longer period and your dream of staying young can come true. To support you, I have come up with this write up that explains 6 effective ways to stay young. This write up is the result of my study of several health magazines available on the Internet. Go ahead and get benefited.

Take two to three cups of green tea daily

Amy Yee (a professor of biochemistry at Tufts University) says, ‘Green tea is an amazing compound in terms of blocking the signalling network that is linked to the progression of cancer’. Several studies have also shown that regular intake of green tea helps prevent colorectal, bladder and lung cancer recurrence. Its intake keeps you light all the day and helps you stay away from the visual marks of getting older.

Do workouts along with having balanced diet

Taking food is insufficient. You should take the diet that has all the nutritional elements like carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals. Your diet should be at a regular interval and you should take your meal when you feel hunger. With a balanced diet, you must do workouts. It is not necessary to take the exercises of high intensity for staying young. Just go for a morning walk for 30 minutes or running in the field/on the treadmill if you are unable to take exercises of high intensity. Your regular workout helps you balance your weight.

Stay away from stress

Stress is bad for both your body and mind. Having stress takes you into trouble and can damage your health seriously if ignored. As far as possible, keep yourself aloof from any type of stress and be happy. Enjoy every moment of your life. The distance with the stress could slow down your ageing process.

Love and be loved

It is essential for you to feel love. For this, you have to create the world in which love is all around and everyone loves each other. Love your spouse/life partner and family members. You would have the feeling that you are being loved. And this would bring significant change in your life and your ageing process could be slow.

Stay away from loneliness

You know isolation is not good for anyone. Loneliness prohibits a person being social and friendly. This lacks love and happiness. So, it is essential for you to keep yourself away from loneliness if you are determined to stay young.

Take a break

You know having a break is necessary to get relaxed. It is as we sleep at night to get refreshed for the other day. In order to fulfil your expectations, you forget to take a break from your day-to-day life (professional life). A short break from your job, business or work gives you extra hidden energy that encourages you to perform better.

By Amit Kumar

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