It has scientifically been proven that better sleep plays a very important role in the body metabolism, immune system, learning, memory and other important functions. Sleeping well at night is a key to having a healthy and fit body. According to the British National Sleep Foundation, a person requires 7 to 9-hour sleep.

Sleep occurs in several stages, the cycle is repeated several times during the night. Although total sleep time needs to remain stable, but the old spend more time in the lighter stages of sleep in comparison with the deep sleep. In today’s world, sleeping problems have taken the young and adults in its glitch. You feel problems in your sleep when you have stress and tension due to several reasons. Your illness or pain also causes sleep problems. You need to get rid of your pain and illness and other problems to have a sound sleep at night. Here are some steps to better sleep:

  1. Focus on your bedroom. It should be quiet and free from light. There should be no light from outside. Hang curtains and switch off the light when you go to bed. The mattress and pillows should be soft and comfortable.
  2. Make a routine for your sleep. Suppose that you have planned to sleep at 10 O’clock. Stick to it and go to bed every night at this time. Switch off other activities like listening to music before going to bed.
  3. Keep your face towards the ceiling and take a deep breath after going to bed. Keep your eyes closed and make your mind free. Take out everything from your mind for this. You will fall asleep within five minutes.
  4. Stay away from smoking and drinking. Avoid alcohol, cigarettes, heavy meals and caffeine before two hours going to bed.
  5. As far as possible, stay away from napping for more than 20 minutes. However, a short nap helps you stay alerted for the rest of the day. Avoid going into a deep sleep during the day.
  6. Exercise daily. If you are unable to perform the exercise of high intensity, just go for a brisk walk in the morning and the evening as well.Do counting sleep if you have still sleep problems. This visualization exercise creates a gentle rhythm and helps you fall asleep soon.
  7. Listen to soothing music to have a calm ambiance.
  8. Take camomile tea before going to bed. This tea has sleep inducing effect and hence, it helps you fall asleep.

By Amit Kumar

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