Are you suffering from your knee pain? Is it hampering your daily schedule? If yes, it is sure you will have neglected minor pain or condition in your knee. You know it is the result of your changed lifestyle and unhealthy diets. Dr Sanjay Agarwala, an orthopedics, says, “Knee problems have significantly increased over the last few years. Unhealthy diets and lifestyles, lead to an increase in weight along with poor muscles.” So, it becomes clear here that you need to take proper care of your weight, diet, and exercise in order to avoid the knee problems. Here are 7 ways that help you get rid of your knee pain:

1. Take vitamin D supplements

It is scientifically proved that vitamin D along with calcium supports you to maintain healthy bone at any stage in your life. Many scientific studies say that there is an association with the risk of knee osteoarthritis progression and vitamin D deficiency. The best way to fulfill the need of this vitamin is to go out in the sun. In cold days, sit in the sun for one to two hours a day. In addition, you can take vitamin D supplements.

2. Take the right diet

You know whatever we take as our meal has a direct link with our well-being and overall health. Dr Sanjay says, “It is imperative that you eat healthy food to keep knee problems at bay.” You must take the meal that is rich in all nutritional elements.

3. Avoid putting high heels on your feet

Some of the girls and women wear high heels to add their height. Sometimes these heels can be a cause to fall down and wearing the high heels lead to have problems in knee. So, it is advisable for you not to have high heels on your feet.

4. Maintain your weight

It is really true that more the fat mass, lesser the bone mass. It means higher body weight enhances the risk of osteoporosis. The best way is that you should maintain healthy body weight. Keep a close eye on your BMI and ensure it remains in normal limits. Through healthy diet and regular exercise, you can keep your weight maintained.

5. Do the right exercises

Dr Pankaj Bajaj, a senior orthopedic surgeon, says, “You must ensure that your exercises don’t strain your knee joints. Also, you must keep key muscles in mind while exercising.” Spend a few minutes on the treadmill or do stretching for warming up your body before you start taking exercises.

6. Consult a doctor

You should not be your own doctor. You must consult an expert when you feel problems in your knee. It will help you escape from any serious problem and live a healthy life.

7. Go for knee replacement

Try to escape yourself from getting affected with knee-problems. There are many ways to get rid of your knee pain and you can apply the above-mentioned ways. But when it becomes impossible to get rid of it due to age, environmental and hereditary factors, your doctor can ask you to go for knee replacement.

By Amit Kumar

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