All of you have different conditions. Due to lack of field or park near about you, you go to a gym for your jogging or running. While jogging on treadmill, some of you make common mistakes. You should avoid making these 5 common mistakes to have positive results from your jogging or running on the treadmill. here are some common mistakes not to make while jogging on treadmill:

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  • Not having a plan
  • Avoiding the warm-up
  • Not holding the sides
  • Ignoring the incline
  • Over-analyzing your stride

1. Not having a plan

Some of you start jogging on a treadmill without a plan. It is bad. You should avoid jogging or running without a plan. Keep in mind that you will do better if you have a pre set goal. Make a three or five-days-a week routine for your jogging. And stick to your own scheduled routine. After some time, make a different routine as the same plan is not ideal for all the time. Make challenges to yourself and stay healthy and fit.

2. Avoiding the warm-up

Most of you forget to warm you up. And you just start jogging on the treadmill. You are wrong here. You should start walking on the treadmill to warm yourself. After a few minutes, you should start jogging or running. Through this, you’ll be able to sustain your jogging for a longer time. It is safer for your jogging and you won’t get tired soon. One more thing, you shouldn’t forget a cool down session. Slow down the jogging for a few minutes before coming to an end.

3. Not holding the sides

Keep yourself away from this mistake while jogging on the treadmill. By holding the sides, you mess up your gait and your posture. By reducing or slowing down the incline, you can keep up while holding the sides. Holding the treadmill sides keeps you safe. It protects you from getting down while jogging. Jogging in a good posture and safe condition is good for you.

4. Ignoring the incline

Treadmills usually have two variables – incline and speed. Often, you keep the incline at zero per cent. Leaving the incline at the zero, you make yourself unable to get wind resistance of an outdoor run. You should keep the incline above the zero per cent and you should mix up both speed and incline to have better workout results.

5. Over-analyzing your stride

Sometimes, some of you do over-estimate for your run. This over-estimate can lead you to too-long strides. Maintain your body weight and try it not to land in front of you that will be good for your knees. In addition, shorten your stride when you are running on an incline.

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