Keep in mind that everything has a proper time. There are some certain times that are not good for taking exercises. You should not do exercises at that time. Have a look at the times when you should not do any type of exercises.

You should avoid taking exercises when you are not physically well and even you have common cough & cold. During illness, your immune system is weaker and a simple exercise can strain it further. Exercising during illness can lead you to have injuries as you are unable to concentrate completely.

When you are depressed or exhausted, avoid taking exercises or going to the gym. It will good for you taking a break from your fitness routine. Do not punish or curse yourself if you cannot go to the gym or take exercises for a day.

Avoid going to the gym or taking exercises in the morning, if you attended a drinking and dancing party at night. Alcohol brings dehydration. So, drink a lot of water in order to minimize the influence of alcohol. It will be better for you to avoid workout under alcoholic influence.

Sometimes it happens that you get injured. There are injuries on your body. Taking exercises or going to the gym can harm you and make you more injured. So, do not do exercising and go to the gym until being recovered from the injuries.

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    Great advice. Thanks for publishing such an article.

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