You are wrong if you think that running helps you burn maximum calories. It burns the calorie, but not the most. Taking the exercise of high intensity with small intervals really burns the most calories. Here are five exercises that help you lose your weight faster than running:


Girls love skipping. You know you can use it to burn your fat. Skipping burns 12 calories per 100-120 jumps a minute.


It is the burpees that can help you lose your weight faster than running. You know a single burpee burns up to 1.43 calories. You will burn around 14.3 calories if you do burpee 10 times a minute. Apart from weight loss, it also helps you improve your metabolism.

Rowing Machine

Work out the large muscle groups in the chest, back, abdomen and shoulder to get better results. A rowing workout helps you burn 400 calories in thirty minutes.

Battle Ropes

With battle ropes, you are able to shed fat from your forearms and triceps. As it is an exercise of high intensity so, you can burn 10-12 calories in a minute.

Kettlebell swings

Kettlebell swings, the underestimated workout, works on your shoulder, back and abdominal muscles. It can help you burn up to 20 calories in a minute if you do it at high intensity.

By Amit Kumar

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