As much as walking helps you to shed those extra kilos, it also tones your body and shapes you well. Says fitness professional Althea Shah, “If you are looking out for an exercise that will shape your body, especially the lower half, there is nothing better than walking.” You can ask why you should walk. Here are health benefits of walking that can make you understand it:

Health benefits of walking

  • Improves muscle endurance
  • Good for cardiovascular health
  • Good for your spine as well
  • Tones your butt and thighs
  • Increases supply of oxygen to your body
  • Power walking for weight loss
  • Does not lead to injury

1. Improves muscle endurance

Walking is good for your muscles especially. It is, as all the muscles in your body contract when you are walking. You might feel a little pain when you start off because your body is not in the habit of exercising. However, keeping up with it will give you better results.

2. Good for cardiovascular health

Those endless hours spent at the gym will drain you for sure. If you are looking at an exercise that will take care of your cardiovascular health, walking is ideal. Brisk walking is the best form as opposed to walking at a normal pace. However, if your knees don’t permit you to walk fast, walking at a good pace will surely give you the much-desired benefits.

3. Good for your spine as well

Dr Garima Anandani, spine specialist says, “Walking as an exercise that nourishes the spinal structures. And it facilitates strong circulation, pumping nutrients into soft tissues and draining toxins. It also increases flexibility and posture -walking along with regular stretching allows greater range of motion, helps prevent awkward movements and susceptibility of future injury.”

4. Tones your butt and thighs

Says fitness professional Sagar Pednekar, “The ideal way to tone your butts and thighs is by walking as fast as you can. Walking fast will tone your glute muscles. However, if you set a comfortable pace, you will not feel the pressure. Speed up slightly each time you hit a low. During your walks, remember to squeeze your butt to a count of ten.”

5. Increases supply of oxygen to your body

If you have been feeling breathless or have breathing issues, walking should be your motto. Though other forms of exercise also help increase the flow of oxygen in your system, walking does it better. This is because you are out in the fresh air, helps your lungs function well.

6. Power walking for weight loss

For weight loss, indulge in power walking. This is a fast-paced walk, which burns the same number of calories while you are running or jogging. For this, you need to keep a brisk pace at moderate or high intensity.

7. Does not lead to injury

Since this is a low-impact workout, walking does not pose the same risk of injury as opposed to working out in the gym or running. People of all age groups can walk –in fact, it helps in tissue-cleansing for those in their 50s and above. Walking is also better for the spine than running and it puts less stress on your disc.

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