We have been consuming rice for a longer period. And rice is better than wheat when it comes to nutritional value. However, there is a very common myth that daily intake of rice can lead to having unhealthy fat in the body and belly fat. Most of you leave taking rice if you plan to lose your weight. You know reality is very different from what is considered among us and skipping it leads you to miss the essential minerals that are very good for your health. Here are few reasons why to eat rice daily:

Reasons why to eat rice daily:

  • Increase veg intake
  • Avoid having anaemia
  • Help to obtain plant-based protein
  • Loaded with vitamins
  • Give you more amino acids
  • Improve digestion
  • Fix food allergies
  • Help you lose weight
  • Make you feel full
  • No cholesterol and trans fat

1. Increase veg intake

You can pair an extensive variety of vegetables with rice. And this makes it a healthy choice.

2. Avoid having anaemia

Including rice in your diet helps you to improve your health condition if you have iron deficiency and anaemia. Rich in iron and folate, rice helps in good functioning of human body.

3. Help to obtain plant-based protein

You can have many health issues and bad health condition if you have a protein deficiency. Red rice or hand polished rice has more protein in comparison with brown rice and white rice. Hand polished rice is easy to cook and easy to digest. Taking rice daily helps you to obtain plant-based protein.

4. Loaded with vitamins

Vitamin B complex has a greater role in producing energy in the body and you can get it when you eat rice daily. As per a recent study, brown rice has vitamin B in a larger amount in comparison with white rice.

5. Provide happy hormones

As you eat rice, your brain releases serotonin, which improves your brain function and makes you feel happy. Have a rice rich meal when you feel low. You will feel satiated and happy.

6. Give you more amino acids

Do you think taking rice is the reason behind the tires around your tummy? According to scientific research, rice is rich in amino acids that help in building protein blocks. And it has a greater role in the functioning of human body. Amino acids are very important for the synthesis of hormones, proteins, enzymes, and mental stabilization.

7. Improve digestion

Most of cereals and grains are difficult to digest, as they have an outer coating that has phytic acid in a larger amount. The presence of phytic acid makes it hard to digest. Only polished rice has no outer coating and so, it is digestion friendly.

8. Fix food allergies

Rice is a great and healthy choice for you if you have food allergies and infections. It is, as the rice is one of least allergenic foods.

9. Help you lose weight

Whole grain brown rice and white rice are free from gluten. Hence, rice is an ideal staple for a diabetic diet. Whole grain brown rice is healthier, and you can start your weight loss journey with it.

10. Make you feel full

You can use rice prepare many delicious and healthy dishes, like pulao, biryani, veg rice, and fried rice. Taking rice dish makes you feel full even you take it in small proportions.

11. No cholesterol and trans fat

You are totally wrong if you think taking rice increases your cholesterol level. In fact, rich has no trans fat that triggers cholesterol level. As a perfect carbohydrate, rice supports you in managing cholesterol level when you consume it in the right quantity.

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