As you think of staple food, the first things that come to your mind are Rice and Roti. Various researchers have questioned that which one is healthier, and they (Rice and Roti) can be taken together or not. In my own research on the Internet and during the talks with a few dieticians, I have found that they have completely different nutritional elements. And they can be consumed together if cooked well, and they are balanced with natural fibre rich supplements i.e. vegetables and salads.


Most of us generally eat white rice. Due to polishing, the white rice loses its nutritional values. As it has less fibre content so, it is advised to cook in a pressure cooker with sufficient water to increase the starch level. Apart from this, rice bran and brown rice are also advisable, as they decrease the blood cholesterol levels in the body.


Roti, from the nutritional perspective, has less fibre content. And this is why it is advised to take Roti (chapatti) with green & leafy vegetables and salads. One is also advised not to apply ghee or butter on roti to stay away from high cholesterol levels and saturated fat. You can add soya or bajra flour to wheat flour to enhance the nutritional values and make the roti healthier for you.

Rice and Roti together

In India, we have a tendency to eat Rice and Roti together without knowing they should be consumed together or not. As per the dieticians, they both have the exact value of carbohydrate, but they are different in other nutritional content. You can consume them both together when you balance the nutritional content with fibre rich salads and green & leafy vegetables.


Rice and Roti are good for human body. If you want to take both of them together, you need to keep the nutritional values in equal proportion so that the calorie intake in your body can remain balanced.        

By Amit Kumar

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