This is the season of festivals and celebrations. Your celebration starting from Christmas is going to last for 7-10 days after the celebration of New Year. You know every celebration has its own traditional delicacies and your Christmas is incomplete without the seven delicacies mentioned here:

1. Christmas Pudding

Made from alcohol-soaked dry fruits, Christmas Pudding is a rich flavored desert and is a truly delicacy for sweet lovers. Being a perfect sweet dish, it is used to end up the sumptuous meal on Christmas.

2. Roast Turkey

Infused with spices and herbs, Roast Turkey is necessary for your Christmas celebration. Give it a little twist and prepare in soy sauce to have a mouth-watering experience.

3. Eggnog

As a frothy milk drink, it allows you to be indulged in drinking classic holiday drink. Also known as milk punch, this traditional creamy drink also has mild flavors of brandy, rum and bourbon.

4. Plum Cake

One month before Christmas, this cake is prepared by mixing plums, dried fruits and cherries in alcohol. The mixture is allowed to ferment to infuse the flavors deeply. Without Plum Cake, it is hard to imagine the completion of Christmas celebration.

5. Fruitcake

Prepared using dried fruits like nuts and fruits, the fruitcake is not soaked any alcoholic drink. You can serve this cake to all kids and your loved ones this Christmas.

6. Chocolate Gingerbread

As a special treat to kids, this desert became very popular after the classic fairy tale of Gretel and Hansel of Gingerbread House. Baked like normal bread, this ginger flavored bread is laced with several spices and is enjoyed with a cup of hot coffee.

7. Rum Balls

Made using black or dark rum, cream and chocolate cake, Rum Balls are flavored Christmas desert. With not-so-sweet taste, these balls give you a delectable experience.

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