We all know that ageing is a natural process. However, no one of us wants to be old. We want to look alike as we are in our 20s or 30s. Staying young forever is impossible, but you can slow down your ageing process to look more youthful.

The skin, the largest organ of the human body, is the first part that lets you and others you are getting old. Your skin starts having wrinkles with age. The wrinkles on the skin occur due to two reasons – the first is the foods that you eat, and the second is your age. You can’t stop yourself from being old, but you can slow down the process. Here are the top 9 anti-ageing foods that can help you look younger:

1. Blueberries

Enriched with vitamins A and C, blueberries have an antioxidant, anthocyanin, which defies your age. Regular intake of blueberries helps you stay protected from damage due to sun rays, pollution, and stress. It happens, as your daily intake of blueberries prevents collagen loss and moderates the inflammatory response. You can add this fruit to your morning fruit bowl or smoothie.

2. Broccoli

Being a rich source of fibre, vitamins C and K, calcium, lutein, folate, and an extensive array of antioxidants, the intake of broccoli prevents collagen loss in your body. Collagen is the one which provides elasticity and strength to your skin. You can eat broccoli raw or by cooking it.

3. Nuts

Dry fruits, especially almonds, are rich in vitamin E. Taking almonds regularly helps you retain your skin moisture, repair your skin, and protect your skin from harmful effects of UV rays. Walnuts have anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids that help you safeguard your skin from the damages of sun rays and provide a glow to the skin. Take almonds and walnuts with the skin to have maximum benefits.

4. Pomegranates

For centuries, pomegranates have been used as a medicinal fruit. It is rich in vitamin C and a wide variety of antioxidants. It reduces the inflammatory level in the human body and protects from radical damage. Also, it has a compound, punicalagins, which protects your skin from collagen loss and helps you slow down your ageing process. Take pomegranates with the salad of walnuts and spinach to get maximum benefits.

5. Oranges

Like spinach, broccoli, and kiwi fruits, oranges are a rich source of vitamin C, which may help you in your fight against ageing process by protecting your body from radical damages. A British Study conducted on around 4000 women between the ages of 40 and 70 has observed that a regular eating of oranges reduces wrinkles by 36%.

6. Spinach

Spinach, a green and leafy vegetable, contains abundant lutein, which prevents eye-conditions associated with age. It might help you reduce wrinkles on your skin.

7. Yogurt

Taking a pot of 150 grams yogurt fulfils your daily needs of calcium. A healthy intake of calcium supports you prevent osteoporosis and maintain the strength of bones.

8. Tomatoes

Tomatoes contain a compound, lycopene, which supports you safeguard yourself from skin wrinkles, causing ageing or oldness. According to university research, taking 5 tablespoon of tomato juice or paste smoothes the skin, keeps it firm, and improves its ability of protection against UV rays by 33%.

9. Omega-3 fatty acids

Oily fish, such as mackerel and salmon, is rich in omega-3 fatty acids that reduce your chances of having heart attacks, and blood cholesterol. Also, it prevents you from memory loss and reduces the number of wrinkles.

Apart from these top 9 anti-ageing foods, you need to exercise and stay away from processed/fast foods, alcoholic/sweetened drinks, and smoking. With all these, you can surely fulfil your desire of looking younger by slowing down your ageing process. 

By Amit Kumar

Amit loves reading and writing a lot. In addition, he likes guiding people through his blog writing. Backed by more than 10 years of experience in content writing and editing, he can write articles, blogs, website content, guest posts, product descriptions, user manuals, etc. He is skilled in writing content pieces on health & fitness, foods, fashion, beauty, technology, travel, career, marketing, and such more. Get in touch with him at amit.kr.raushan@gmail.com.

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