The holy month of Ramadan has started. You do not eat anything and even drink water if you fast during Ramzan. You take your meal early in the morning (before sunrise) and take dinner (Iftaar) after opening your fast in the evening (after sunset). As the days are hot, so it is very hard for you to continue your fast. You know you can stay full during Ramzan if you have clear idea what to eat. Here are some suggestions for you:

Meal 1 (Early Morning Meal, Sehri)

Begin your day with soaked nuts. Take milk or juice with fruits.

Meal 2 (Early Morning Meal, Sehri)

Select high-fibre foods like multigrain bread with chicken, paneer, vegetables or eggs. Taking such a meal ensures you that you will stay full during the day.

Meal 3 (Early Morning Meal, Sehri)

Parantha made using multigrain atta or oats along with egg bhurji will keep you stay satiated for the whole day.

Meal 4 (Early Morning Meal, Sehri)

Include nuts, seeds, wholewheat chapattis and soups are good choice to stay full during Ramzan.

Meal 5 (Early Morning Meal, Sehri)

Opt for a smoothie and take vanilla or mango milkshake to stay hydrated for the entire day.

Meal 6 (Dinner, Iftaar)

As the sun sets, open your fast with a glass of lemon water with sugar/salt. This helps you give your body the required hydration.

Meal 7 (Dinner, Iftaar)

Being rich in important nutrients and a high source of energy, dates are important and customary to have in your dinner.

Meal 8 (Dinner, Iftaar)

Take a proper meal that includes high fibre roti, brown rice, lean meat vegetable salads, eggs or fish after a little break.

Meal 9 (Dinner, Iftaar)

Take lentil soup that is rich in protein and helps you hydrate.

By Amit Kumar

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