Monsoon is going on in maximum parts of India. Indians call it the queen of all seasons – spring, summer, rainy (monsoon), winter, and autumn. In rainy or monsoon days, we experience the best of natural beauty scenery. Grey clouds hovering in the sky, gurgling waterfalls, cold & misty air, and freshness are the one we often come across this season. Many of you love to witness this natural beauty. And hence, you make your travel plan. Here are some useful monsoon travel tips for your support:

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  • Keep weather forecast in mind
  • Ensure having an umbrella or raincoat
  • Have a first-aid kit with you
  • Choose the right shoes and garments
  • Waterproof all your belongings
  • Say NO street food
  • Avoid stepping out in rush hours
  • Stay away from risky activities
  • Make your travel plan wisely  

1. Keep weather forecast in mind

The most important thing to do for your monsoon trip is to check the weather forecast for the place where you are going. You should check it for a few days around your travel plan. If the weather forecast for a certain place is heavy rainfall, storms, or hailstones, postpone your plan for a particular period. Taking a risk is not good. Checking weather forecast is essential for you if you are going to visit hilly areas. With it, you can protect yourself from getting trapped in:

  • Cloudbursts
  • Landslides
  • Hailstones

2. Ensure having an umbrella or raincoat

When you are on a monsoon holiday, you want to take full benefits of it. You never want to miss an opportunity to see a scenery of natural beauty amid rain. However, it does not mean you should get wet and fall ill after your monsoon tour. You need to stay healthy and fit during and after your trip. And for this, having a foldable umbrella or raincoat is crucial for you. As far as possible, prefer the raincoat to the umbrella.  

3. Have a first-aid kit with you

You should go on your monsoon trip if weather is normal with drizzle or light to moderate rain probability. And having a first-aid kit with you is one of the most essential monsoon travel tips for you. It is as several insects such as leeches and mosquitoes come out in rainy days. You might have skin irritation and other issues if they bite you. Having a first-aid kit will facilitate you stay safe. Here are what things should be in your first-aid kit:

  • Bandages
  • Antiseptic cream
  • Insect repellents
  • Painkillers
  • Balm for common cough & cold

4. Choose the right shoes and garments

You are going to see the natural beauty with your naked eyes in monsoon. It is sure you will walk around the place. Here, you need to be careful in selecting footwear, especially shoes or slippers. Your shoes or sandals must be:

  • Waterproof
  • Non-sloppy to get the right grip while walking
  • Sturdy

Usually, we prefer cotton clothes around the year. However, you should pack synthetic outfits for your holiday in monsoon. Cotton clothes take time to dry while you don’t need to dry synthetic clothes. Synthetic dresses are quick-drying and lighter.

5. Waterproof all your travel belongings

Yes, you should waterproof everything that you will carry with you on your monsoon trip. Whether it is your backpack, luggage, devices, or mobile, ensure it is waterproof or has a waterproof cover. You can get polybags, zip-lock bags, or specific waterproof pouches from your local market.

6. Say NO to street food

In rainy days, there is higher chance of the use of contaminated water in preparing dishes on the street. You should keep yourself away from street food during monsoon season whether you are on a tour or in your native town/city. Otherwise, you can fall ill. Here is more on what you should do on your monsoon holiday:

  • Drink boiled or purified water. Keep the same with you if you are stepping out from your hotel room or camp
  • Take your breakfast, lunch, or dinner at a good restaurant or hotel

7. Avoid stepping out in rush hours

As it is rainy season, it can start raining at any time. To be on the safe side, you should avoid coming out in peak hours. It is not good for you to get stuck in traffic. And it can prevent you from enjoying your tour. You should step out when the rush hours get an end. By talking to locals, you can get an idea about peak hours there.

8. Stay away from risky activities

Many of you love adventures when you are out on a trip. However, rafting, camping, rock-climbing, and canyoning can be risky in monsoons. You should avoid such activities. Get in touch with experienced professionals if you want to do rafting or camping.

9. Make your travel plan wisely

At last, you should make your monsoon travel plan wisely. Instead of working on someone’s suggestions, you should do your own research work on a place to visit. In addition, you should ensure that the travel plan you have made is right for you.     

Apart from the above, you can find and use the monsoon travel tips that you find better for yourself. Whatever you do, you should never neglect forecast of extreme weather conditions (cloudbursts or heavy rainfall) and waterproof your travel belongings.

By Amit Kumar

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