Mon. Jun 27th, 2022

During rains, some of you get down in your look. You try a lot to keep your look maintained. Beauty experts offer you numerous tips to help you maintain your look. Here are some effective tips to maintain your beauty routine during rains:

  1. Get rid of your oily skin

Excess shine and oil is a common problem for most of you. To combat your oily skin, use specific cosmetics, apply a rebalancing mask and exfoliate your skin regularly. Apply a mattifying moisturizer in the morning. After moisturizing the skin, you can do your makeup.

  1. Fix your makeup

Go for a waterproof version if you are unable to go out without mascara. Apply a water-based mist spray on your face to fix your makeup and to boost its glow. Select the right one based on your skin type.

  1. Less is more

Opt for a light, simple and natural look when moisture is high on rainy days. You should avoid using a heavy foundation and moisturizer. You can apply a tinted moisturizer such as Complexion Clear SPF Cream with a matte finish. It hydrates your skin apart from brightening it. Prefer cream blushes and shadows.

  1. Keep essentials with you

To keep your look flawless in rains, you should keep a few essentials on hand. The most essential is an SPF, as your skin gets affected more by UVA and UVB rays on rainy days. You can forget to keep lipsticks, shadow and compact in your handbag, but don’t forget an SPF cream. Treat your skin with a de-tanning service if your skin would have got affected.

  1. Close your hair scales

Want to avoid fuzzy textures in rains? Apply a dry oil to moisturize the length and tame the hair. For a hairstyle, you can pull your hair back in a ponytail or a bun. Wrap your hair immediately in a loose bun and take it down inside when you want to wear it down.

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