5 Best Countries to Travel

New Year is about to knock the door. I think you would be palling to travel for holiday to a new destination you have not visited till date. Making a list of countries to travel has not been an easy task, as the world we live in has numerous beautiful locations/destinations. However, I have prepared a list for you, and you can choose a country to visit this year, 2024. Go through the list:

Best countries to travel in 2024
New Zealand
United Arab Emirates (UAE)

  1. Switzerland

Switzerland, one of the most popular travel destinations of the world, has almost everything to make you please during your visit. You will come across the stunning landscapes that are spread almost every corner of this country. From the dreamy idyllic landscapes of the countryside to the snowy Alps Mountains, many things are there in the country that will make you fall in love with it. Some of the best places include endless meadows, ample options to experience adventure, walled medieval towns, delicious chocolate and shimmering lakes.

  1. New Zealand

New Zealand is perhaps the best country to settle down or spend a long holiday if you like to travel the world for the love of nature. The country was the favourite shooting location for most of the films under the franchise of the Lord of the Rings. You cannot ignore visiting Queenstown for your love of adventure, South Islands for your wine love and the places such as Hamilton, Whangarei and Auckland for your love of nature.

  1. UAE, United Arab Emirates

This is the country, which is loved by travellers from all parts of the world. You can explore the beauty and charm that are available in only in some of the finest metropolitan cities of the world. Abu Dhabi and Dubai are the popular destinations. You love visiting Abu Dhabi to explore the history of the UAE, its exhibitions, museums and foods. Love shopping and like visiting parks! Dubai is the best one for you, as it offers you to experience the luxury and man-made marvels in the form of malls, hotels, markets, museums and theme parks.

  1. India

India must be on your list to visit this year if you discuss the best countries to travel. The country has everything from sea beaches to islands, heritage, leisure and culture that makes a traveler encouraged to visit/travel a place. You can travel India for seeing the Taj Mahal in Agra, enjoying the sea beaches in Goa, exploring the mountains of Himachal Pradesh, closing to nature’s creation in Kashmir, experiencing Kerala backwaters and visiting heritages in Delhi, UP, Rajasthan and other states.

  1. Iceland

It is the country, which is gradually entering the list of the most popular travel destinations of the world. The credit to the popularity of this country goes to the most popular TV Show, Game of Thrones. You will love this country for boat cruises for viewing dolphins, an array of adventure activities (ice climbing, hiking, snowmobiling, kayaking and snorkelling), Nordic culture and the stunning display Aurora Borealis.

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