You believe or not, it is true that going stairway can really support you burn 8 calories per minute. If you are eager to lose your weight and stay healthy & fit, use stairs for going to your work place or to floor of your residential building. Using stairs is easy access and calorie burning equipment and it doesn’t require you to pay any cost.

By taking the stairs, you can enhance your cardiovascular strength and fitness. Stair up is like aerobics and improves your circulation system and it is an energetic workout to your heart. It gives you the stamina to walk and enhances your leg strength.

Begin with 25 steps and enhance your climb every day. Whether you are at home or in the office, use stairs to stay fit & healthy. Avoid using railing and slouching when you are going up through the stairs. Keep your back straight and bend it a little to support your move up. Take two steps at a time. This will help you strengthen your buttocks and quadriceps. Avoid putting a lot of strain or pressure on your knees while climbing down.

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