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Winter is at its young stage. Due to rise and fall in temperature and cold wind, some of us have a cough & cold, which leads to having chest congestion. If not cared properly, it can be extremely discomforting and it can also lead to severe infections in the respiratory tract. With congested chest, you can feel pain in your chest or throat and there is a development of phlegm, making your chest heavy.

In India, most of the people rely on home remedies to cure common ailments. To support you, I have mentioned the five ways to treat chest congestion:

1. Take warm milk

Warm milk with honey, black pepper and turmeric work effectively on chest & cold infections. Black pepper improves digestion and relieves a cough & cold, turmeric has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that support in killing bacteria and honey gives a taste. Drink this concoction two times a day when you feel chest congestion or a cough & cold.

2. Gargle with hot water

Using hot water to gargle is the most trusted home remedy to treat chest congestion. Take a glass of hot water, add one small spoon salt to it and use the concoction to gargle for 2 minutes. Spit the water out and avoid swallowing it. You can gargle 3-4 times a day to treat your chest congestion.

3. Drink a glass of hot water with honey and lemon juice

Lemon has vitamin C, which supports boosting immunity and honey soothes chest & throat. Take a glass of hot water, add honey & lemon juice to it and take this concoction 2-3 times a day to get relief from the cough & cold and chest infection.

4. Take herbal tea

Make a cup of tea using peppermint, ginger and chamomile. Instead of sugar, you can use honey in making this tea. Take this tea until you get relief from your cough & cold and chest infection.

5. Drink black coffee

Taking a cup of black coffee can provide you temporary relief. It helps in treating chest congestion. As having excess caffeine is not good for your health, so you must not take more than 2 cups a day.     

By Amit Kumar

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