You know joint pains and weak bones can disturb you throughout the year, but we have more risks to get affected by body aches in winter. As the mercury dips, our body joints become inflexible and more painful and the people with orthopedic problems suffer the most. It happens as the blood circulation in the body gets affected and joints & bones start having pain and stiffness. Here are the nine ways that can help you stay away from your body aches in winter:

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  • Take a balanced diet daily
  • Keep yourself hydrated
  • Take exercise regularly
  • Warm up yourself
  • Have a check on what you are wearing
  • Put knee supports or guards on
  • Have a physiotherapy session
  • Quit smoking
  • Change your way to stand up and sit

1. Take a balanced diet

Taking a balanced diet is important for everyone, but it becomes crucial and more important for you if you have pain in your joints or bone problems. Start taking foods that are rich in Vitamin C, D and K as these are good for joint pains. In addition, include cabbage, orange, spinach, tomatoes in your meals, as these are the superfoods to get relief from knee and other joint pains. Consult your doctor to get prescription for taking supplements if you have Vitamin D deficiencies.

2. Keep yourself hydrated

In winter, most of us reduce our water intake that is not good. Keeping hydrated is essential, as the cartilage between the joints has to be flexible & smooth in order to keep the amount of friction maintained. Therefore, keep yourself hydrated. You can take lukewarm water if it is hard to drink normal water.

3. Take exercise regularly

Keep in mind you should never skip your exercise regime whatever the time of year is. You can start having stiff or pain in your joints if you stop taking exercises on a regular basis. Reschedule your time in winter, but do not skip your walking, jogging or taking exercises. Keep yourself indulged in regular exercise in order to stay away from your body aches in winter.

4. Warm up yourself

You know warming up is very crucial before indulging in any physical activity of high intensity. This makes your body more flexible and helps you stay away from injuries. In addition, it increases the blood circulation in your body and enhances the effect of taking exercises.

5. Have a check on what you are wearing

In winter, you need to have a close watch on your outfit whether it is your garment, shoes or other winter clothes. Ensure that the size is right and the outfit you are having on fits your body rightly so that you can make your body movements easily.

6. Put knee supports or guards on

Wearing knee guards or knee supports is very helpful to reduce joint pains and protect your knees in winter. Select a suitable pair of knee protectors from lots of varieties available in the market and wear it to protect your knees from injuries and get comfort in knee pain.

7. Have a physiotherapy session

You must have a regular physiotherapy session if you have problems with your joints and bones. Through it, you are able to maintain flexibility in your body joints and have relief from body aches as the session gives the right amount of warmth, movement and medication to sooth the pain.

8. Quit smoking

You know the people who smoke have a higher risk of getting affected by bone or joint related problems as their bones have low density. Here it is clear that you must quit smoking for robust bones and a healthier lifestyle.

9. Change your way to stand up and sit

If you have to stand up or sit down for a longer period, it is advisable for you to change your position often. Through it, you’ll have less stiffness or stretch that causes pain in your joints.

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