If you are eager to have taut muscles in your thighs or you want to have perfect thighs, you need to work hard. Committed to support you stay fit and healthy, we are here with 4 tips/ways that can help you to shape your upper and inner thighs.

Lower body workouts

Take proper care of your lower body parts while lifting weights. With the use of dumbbells or barbells, perform weighted lunges and squats. These are great for your upper thighs because your legs become a backbone for these exercises and improve your postures.

Walk off your thighs

Walking is a great exercise for your well being and good health. In addition, it supports with inflammation and minimizes the visibility of cellulite more in comparison with running. It directly works with your upper leg muscles. If you are completely focused on giving a shape to your thighs, give value to walking instead of jogging and running.


There are several yoga asanas that directly work on your upper thigh muscles. Suryanamakars (sun salutions), chandrasanas (the cresent lunge), baddha konasana (bound angle pose), padangusthasana (big toe pose) and ardha chandrasana are some of yoga poses that open your thigh muscles by stretching them out and tone them. Contact a trained yoga teacher to support you with these poses (asanas).

Wide leg squats

Place a dumbbell of 3-5 kg before you and spread your legs as wide as you can do and point your toes out. Make a balance and bring your thighs parallel to the floors. Come back to previous position, take rest and repeat the same. It will support you shape your inner thighs.

The above mentioned exercises are valuable. They will help you to have good health and shape your thighs. These exercise will be effective for an overall fat loss or weight loss plan.

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