Most of you get fat and try a lot to be slim & healthier. But your efforts go in vain, as you have no clear idea of what to eat and what not to eat to get slimmed down. If you are really serious about your health and keep yourself slim, stay away from the 6 food items mentioned below:


Most of you think that honey is healthier in comparison with sugar. Your thinking is wrong as both sugar and honey have glucose in the same quantity. One tablespoon of honey really has more calories as compared to the granulated sugar of the same quantity. Eating too much honey will help you gain weight as you will have from other sweet stuff.

Low-fat salad dressing

According to a research of Iowa State University scientist, low-fat dressing removes the goodness of salad. Avoid using butter, oil etc. in preparing salad. Get into the habit of using olive oil. Try to keep stay away yourself from dressing of salad.

Breakfast cereals

Most of you start your day eating cereals as your breakfast in order to be slimmer. Selecting the wrong brand for cereals may lead you to gain weight as they are high in fat and sugar. Before choosing the brand for cereals, read the label carefully and the ingredients used.

Skimmed milk

Generally, you think that skimmed milk is better for health. You are wrong here. According to recent researches, whole milk is better for health in comparison with skimmed milk. There is only around 4 % fat in 100 ml whole milk but the skimmed milk has 0.1% fat. You won’t have a huge difference between whole milk and skimmed milk. As skimmed milk is less nutritious so, I advise you to take whole milk and keep yourself away from its counterpart.

Raw vegetables

Recent studies result is just the opposite of your belief that cooking kills the minerals and vitamins. Although it may destroy some nutrients. However, it boosts the intake of antioxidants. According to research in 2008, it is better to take vegetables like spinach, carrots, cabbage, mushrooms, peppers, asparagus etc. when they are cooked, as these supply more antioxidants.

Diet drinks

Diet drinks are very similar to soft drinks. Your thinking is wrong as the experts think that diet drinks hardly support in losing weight. These diet drinks have sugar to taste so its excess usage may lead you to gain weight and your goal of being slim remain incomplete.

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