All of us want that our brain would function well, and we can recall anything quickly. For reminding anything instantly, you need to boost memory and improve brain function. You can get a good memory by making some changes in your lifestyle. Further, some foods are known as support for improving brain functionality and memory. Have a look at those four foods to improve your memory

Foods to improve your memory

  • Green & leafy vegetables
  • Green tea
  • Dark chocolate
  • Eggs

1. Green & leafy vegetables

Many of you turn your faces on the other side when it comes to eating green & leafy vegetables. You must not ignore these vegetables as they are excellent for your brain as per the recent researches. For instance, look at broccoli and spinach. These leafy vegetables are very high in antioxidants such as beta-carotene and vitamin C that are healthy for your body. Further, these have folate that is known as a brain stimulator and helps in recalling anything fast. Get into the habit of taking green & leafy vegetables to improve your brain functionality.

2. Green tea

You know your brain contains 80% water. It means you need to keep it hydrated so that your mind can function well. Apart from having eight glasses of water daily, you need to take a cup of green tea regularly. According to recent studies, regular intake of green tea enhances mental alertness and increases memory. Also, green tea reduces the risk of dementia.

3. Dark chocolate

Experts say that the moderate intake of dark chocolate helps to improve cognitive skills as it is rich in flavonoids that are brain-boosting chemicals. Further, flavonoids help to improve blood circulation in the brain and to form new neurons.

4. Eggs

Eggs have several vitamins and minerals. Make eggs as a regular part of your diet to get vitamins and minerals like iodine, iron, and vitamin B12. Iodine can generate problem-solving abilities, iron forms new red blood cells that bring oxygen to the brain and vitamin B12 keeps you alert.

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