As you grow older, you start losing your memory. Low memory or decrease in memory is the frightening effect of aging. You can’t prevent this effect of aging, but you can slow down your memory loss by practicing brain-driven activities. In our series of health and fitness articles, we have come up with 5 effective activities that can boost or maintain your memory.

Play chess

Playing chess requires very creative mind. Complete focus on playing chess helps you to improve your creativity as it makes a pressure on your mind and enables your mind to think quickly to take a decision. Play chess periodically or daily to enhance your memory.

Solve puzzles and play word games

Give time to solve Sudoku puzzle on Sunday morning as you are busy during the weekdays. Take paper and start solving the classic or cryptic crosswords. In addition, you can play word games. Take the support of your near & dear one and start playing word games. To recall the exact word and word association matters a lot. Creating word associations can prevent your memory loss.

Learn a quite new language

Learning a language includes how to read, speak and write it. In new language learning process, you have to master the vocabulary and grammar of that language. Your mind has to work hard for recognition and understanding of objects and words that can prevent you from your memory loss.

Read several books together

Try to read several books together. You can include magazines, newspaper stories and books in your reading. After reading several articles or stories, try to remember the plots of all of them one by one. It can help you to slow down your memory loss.

Use melotherapy

Music therapy, generally known as melotherapy, is an effective way to boost mental focus. According to recent studies, listening to classical music enhances the brain capacity. It supports in improving verbal skills in teens. You need to listen to the classical song of your favourite genre and try to remember the lyrics. You can sing along while listening.

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