If having a flat belly or a six-pack were very easy, most of you have a flat and toned belly. It is a very hard challenge that you can face while doing intensive and constant workouts on a regular basis. Go through the write up, do the mentioned exercises to have a flat belly.

Exercises to have a flat belly

  • Running or walking
  • Cycling
  • Elliptical trainer
  • The bicycle exercises
  • Reverse crunch

1. Running or walking

Exercising burns calories and the percentage of your body fat gets reduced. Get a good pair of shoes, put it on and start running with a bottle of water. The morning would be the best time for running but you can do it in the evening too. Add walking before running as a part of warm up and cool down session, if your motive of running is weight loss.

2. Cycling

Cycling is a great means of travel or visit the places in your locality. Take out your bicycle and go for cycling. You can burn 250 to 500 calories by cycling for a period of 30 minutes depending on the intensity and speed.

3. Elliptical trainer

In young age, we had strong joints. We could easily do jogging and walking. But with ageing, we can keep it going on with the support of elliptical trainers. The physical fitness equipment gives us a low impact cardio exercise. With the support of elliptical trainers, you can burn 300 calories in 30 minutes without any wear-and-tear in your joints.

4. The bicycle exercises

You can burn your body and belly fat by doing cardio exercises. After this, you need to strengthen your abdominal muscles. It would be far better to go with the bicycle exercise instead of ab exercises. The bicycle exercise requires body rotation, abdominal stabilization, and more abdominal muscle activity. You should do the below mentioned exercise before jumping on your bicycle.

  • Lie on your back on the floor and keep your hands behind your head.
  • Lift your knees to your chest at the same time when you lift your shoulders and head off the ground.
  • Fetch your right elbow to your left knee and keep the right leg straight
  • Change the sides and fetch your left elbow to your right knee and keep the left leg straight
  • Continue switching the sides to go for a pedalling motion
  • Take breath in relaxing manner and repeat the set for 10-16 times.

5. Reverse crunch

It is also the most effective exercise for strengthening core muscles. Make the reverse crunch as your habit in order to have a six-pack abs or flat belly. Follow the instructions:

  • Lie down on the floor and keep your arms sides
  • Lift your feet putting them together so that your knees can create a 90-degree angle
  • Now lift your shoulders and head off the ground contracting ab muscles
  • Inhale your lower back down and exhale when you contract
  • Repeat the entire process for 10-16 times.

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