Malaysia, based in the Southeast of Asia, is popularly known for its several exotic islands which have tropical rainforests, stunning beaches and varied cultures. A large number of these islands house several snorkeling and diving destinations due to colorful coral reefs and clear waters. Malaysian islands give opportunity to experience adventure activities, beautiful temples, colonial villages and vibrant resorts along with beaches and diving. Have a bird eye view on the 5 islands that you should visit in your trip to Malaysia.

1. Perhentians Islands – Located in the north-eastern Malaysia, Perhentians are a small group of beautiful & coral-fringed islands and paradise of white sand and crystal clear waters. Its white sand is dotted with the legs of sun-loving tourists enjoying their holiday during the day and its beaches become alive with kerosene lamps and bonfires at night. If you love watching crystal clear blue waters and corals, include the islands in your Malaysia tour.

2. Tioman Islands – If you are on your trip to Malaysia, you can’t forget to visit Tioman Islands as the place is very famous for steep green peaks, colorful hibiscus flowers and turquoise waters. Located in the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia, the islands draw the tourists to experience lush rainforests, warm beaches and friendly & authentic village life. Being a part of a marine park, it has numerous attractive coral reefs and a destination for diving and snorkeling. Its dense forest areas are the home of several species such as slow loris, a variety of squirrels, binturong, mouse deer etc.

3. Redang Islands – Perfect destination for several diving sites and watching crystal clear waters, Redang Islands are the most included isles in Malaysia holiday. Just 45 kilometers far away from the coast of Kuala Terenggany, it is described as a heaven due to its fabulous natural beauty. Trekking, cruses and snorkeling are most popular adventurous activities. In the middle of the day, you can easily see the colorful fish and corals.

4. Sipadan Islands – Sipadan Islands, situated in the Celebes Sea, is a rainforest surrounded island draws the attention of enthusiastic divers. In addition to powdery soft sand and crystal clear waters, it offers an opportunity to experience dazzling marine life. In your diving activity here, you can easily have glimpses of mantis shrimps, turtles, leaf scorpions and hammer-head sharks. You can visit the entire Sipadan Islands in only 25 minutes walk.

5. Pulau Mabul – One of the best muck diving destinations of the world, Pulao Mabul is the island which no one wants to forget including in their Malaysia tour. Located at the south-eastern coast of Sabah, it offers you to experience soft white sand, beaches of coconut trees and turquoise water. Further, it offers the opportunity to visit the abode of protected species such as scorpion fish, frog fish, squids, gobies, cuttlefish and varied shellfish. You can walk through the island in only in an hour for exploring attractions such as conventional villages along with their thatched huts.

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