Bangkok, the capital city and the gateway of Thailand, has its own importance in world tourism. Visiting the capital city, you will have a mixed experience of culture, history, shopping, sports etc. The city has a lot of things to offer to its visitors. In order to visit the entire city, you need to spend more days. If you are a short tour of Bangkok, you can do these 3 things. Have a look at the below mentioned 3 things to do in Bangkok.

Walk the Khao San Road

If you want to experience varied cultures, include visiting Khao San Road in your Bangkok tour. It is the place where you can experience the diversity of Bangkok. Walking through the street will give you an embracement of choices you can watch a soccer game, obtain a custom-made suit tailored within 24 hours, shop the things in the sun at market stalls, taste mouthwatering foods off the street and have a cocktail from one of the sleek bars. In addition, you can dance till morning at a club. This is the place where you can’t get bored whether you spend an hour or the entire day.

Take a Thai cooking class

Love cooking and want to know how to prepare Thai foods, take a Thai cooking class in your Bangkok tour. Amrita Thai Cooking Class, based on the Bangkok Yai Canal, has individual cooking stations, a wide herb garden, warm instructors and intermittent greetings. It’s really a delightful place to learn Thai cooking and you can learn cooking foods like stir fried chicken with cashew nuts, pad thai, chicken in coconut soup etc.

Visit the Grand Palace & Wat Pho

If you love history and historical things, include visiting the Grand Palace & Wat Pho in your Bangkok holiday. The Grand Palace having colorful roofs, tall spires and ornate carvings is the place which really depicts the history of Bangkok. Being the residence of Thailand’s Kings in ancient time, it is still used for state functions and royal celebrations. The complex houses pagodas, pavilions, courts and a Buddhist temple which has a 66cm tall Buddha statue.

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