Youth is the best time to lead your life towards immortality. Youth means liberty and liberty fetches the toughness in attitude. Nobody wants to get older, even an old fish (!!!) in his 80s wants to live young at-least in inner feelings. Stay Young is an ethnic desire which lies in everyone’s mind. A person does lots to remain young and fresh!!! This is a rousing and reaping period for all, the more you stay young the more you raise in life….it’s a myth and proven fact!!! Youth is the best time of life, so utilize this to the maximum and reign like a king!!!

Stay Young is a superlative yearning for every folks as they don’t want to get older and move towards the end of life. A death rover too wants to live more and nudge like a kid when he knows he is going to die in short span. Youth is the ultimate fascination of life which leads you towards glory and clutches you into the ruthless augmentation to gain more in life.

Unveil the toughness in you, no matter you are in late 70s, but keep your mind fresh and stay young, fall in love and feel the fragrance of romance and sail through the sea of pleasantness. Say no to reluctances and discover the freedom of life newly. Enthusiasm is the subsequent eminence of youthfulness or even freshness. So be enthusiastic and prolific in life to stay young and new forever.

Always feel like a rock star and live to rock everywhere, if you look dull or not stay nifty then nobody will count you, at times you will get into the wonky shades of disappearances. To remain focus you should always be focused, that is why you always need to stay young in life, a simple math dear!!!!

Worn dies in every seconds but young lives forever!!! So, Stay young and let others stay young too. Even People over 60 years of age should not feel themselves old as they have an inner sight to live long and tend to lead a crispy life towards happiness. Stay fit and eradicates the illness by all means. Reap fine and sweep the shadows of darkness, rise in love and sleep in sound, rest your life in peace, you will end up in brightness!!! This is the excitement of youthfulness. Youth does not only mean to remain young or look little aged but expands the meaning of life by staying fresh and cool and non-brisk!!!

Live up with boldness and explore the strength of you….learn sharp and fetch the edges…..give up the wonky natures and be swift to lift the trend!!! Practice these; certainly, you will end up with glorious nodes of success!!! Last but not the least, tomorrow never dies and young guns show the ways to bloom like a paradise rosette!!! So, live your life like a king and let others to follow the dream track, you have set for them!!!

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