In order to maintain your fitness and health, there is no need to always have dumbbell, barbells or machines. You can garner strength in your muscles and have a stronger physique without fitness tools and health equipment. The main thing is that how you utilize your own body. For your convenience, we are going to mention 5 exercises in this write up in our series of health and fitness articles. By, taking the below mentioned 5 exercises regularly, it is sure that you will be able to make your physique stronger.

Scissor jacks

Stand keeping your feet together and arms by sides. Jump up by bringing your right foot ahead and left one back and swing your left arm up by ear and the right one by back. Jump again immediately after landing slowly. Quickly switch your feet and arms such as a pair of scissors. It is one repetition. Do the same 20 times. It works on your entire body.

Glute Bridge

Lie down facing ceiling. Bent your knees and keep hip width, arms by sides and feet flexed. Press your palms on the floor. Lift hips up and brace abs, squeezing glutes as pelvis lifts. Hold this position for a minute and thereafter start lowering hips. Repeat the session 15-20 times. This will help you in strengthening the core.


Sit down with your knees bent. Keep feet apart and hands behind the body. Place fingers facing to your hips. Tight your abs and lift the hips off the floor with shoulders and knees. Keep this position for a minute and comeback to start again. Do 10-15 repetitions. It will help you in obtaining a stronger physique.

Narrow squats

Stand keeping feet together and arms by sides. Curve your knees and sit into hips. In order to engage your inner thighs, squeeze knees and keep arms overhead and keep the palms facing each other. Place your chin down towards chest and fetch your arms to the outsides of ears. Avoid neck strain. Go back to start it again. Do the entire session 10-20 times. It will bring strength to your legs, upper back, shoulders and cores.

Oblique crunch

Stand keeping feet apart. Keep your knees slightly curved and place your hands clasped behind the head. Tight your abs, keep elbows open, lift the right knee and bend your left shoulder towards leg. Come back to start it immediately on the opposite side. It is one session. Repeat the entire session 20 times. Through it, you will be able to improve your coordination and balance.

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  1. A great collection of exercises for the person including me who is eager to have a toned body. Good effort.

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