Is laughter is really funny? Why is laughter so much fun? As a normal person, it is hard for us to know this. But a psychologist sees it differently. Here, we have mentioned the five facts you may not know about laughter.

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  • Laughter is not all about jokes
  • Laughter doesn’t make you fit
  • Laughter strengthens your relationship
  • Laughter needs precise timing
  • Laughter is attractive

1. Laughter is not all about jokes

If you ask people what make them happy, most of them tell that it is a joke. They would be wrong. According to Robert Provine, a psychiatrist at the University of Maryland, we really become happy when we talk to our friends. It is the fact that we laugh or become happy when we are with other people. We don’t laugh at jokes, but laugh at the statements or comments that don’t seem on their face funny.

2. Laughter doesn’t make you fit

The virtual world is flooded with several blogs and articles mentioning that laughter is good for health. It is not true as laughter burns more calories in comparison with running. Laughter increases energy level as well as heart rates by 10-20%. It means you burn 10-40 calories on every laugh for 10-15 minutes. 

3. Laughter strengthens your relationship

Researches state that the couples who use to smile and laugh feel better and have higher level of satisfaction in their relationship. Laughing makes their relation stronger and they live in relationship for a longer period.

4. Laughter needs precise timing

It is found that people precise their laughter in a conversation. And they laugh at the end of a sentence or sentences. They don’t laugh in the middle. Kiri Pritchard Mclean, a stand-up comedian, states, “It takes a lot of confidence to stand on a stage and do nothing while the audience laugh – and it is hard to learn to come back in at the right point – not to trample on the laughter or wait too long and lose the momentum of the room.” 

5. Laughter is attractive

According to a study of personal ads, men and women have a particular sense of humour more frequent in comparison with education, intelligence, profession, or sexual drive. Another study states that we find strangers smarter when they laugh at our jokes.

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