For a longer period, all of us have been advised not to eat bananas at night. Most of us simply have been following the rule and have not ever thought whether eating bananas at night is good or bad. Banana, one of the most nutritious fruits, is rich in several nutrients and minerals that are good for us. Let’s find out the truth.

Table of content

  • What Ayurveda Says
  • What Nutritionist Says
  • Health benefits of eating bananas

What Ayurveda Says

Ayurveda says eating a banana at night is good. However, the person having cough & cold should avoid eating bananas at night. It is, as it takes a lot of time to digest and make you have a lazy feeling.

What Nutritionist Says

Shashank Ranjan, a nutritionist and fitness expert in Delhi, says, “Banana is energizing and healthy and you should avoid eating it at night if you have health issues like cough & cold, sinus and asthma. It is a good practice to consume bananas after taking exercises at the gym in the evening.”

Health benefits of taking bananas

Taking bananas in the morning or evening gives you numerous health benefits. Here are some of them:

  • Control Stomach Acid – A recent research suggests that eating a banana at night helps to decrease the chances of heartburn and stomach ulcer that are results of taking spicy street food.
  • Improve Sleep – Due to the presence of potassium, banana helps your body muscle relax after a tiring day. Taking one or two bananas in the evening supports your body to be ready for falling asleep. Mr Shashank Ranjan says, “One large banana has 487mg potassium, which is about 10 per cent of the needed intake for an adult body.”
  • Low Calorie Fruit – A banana has only 105 calories. Take two bananas along with a cup of skimmed milk if you want to have a dinner with low calorie
  • Curb Craving – Taking bananas is an ideal practice to curb your craving for sweets at night. It is loaded with sugar that is high in fibre and vitamins.

Final Words/Verdict

Filled with nutrients, bananas offer many health benefits and hence, avoiding it at night is not a good idea. Avoid having bananas at night if you have cough & cold, asthma, or sinus.

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