Found in every kitchen, an onion is the member of a lily family and its curative powers make it a crucial medicinal plant. The power of its juices is known to all who have sliced it and dropping tear tells that it has something special. It is very delicious and is eaten raw, baked, sautéed, boiled or steamed. It is an ace ally in your fight with diseases. Here are some amazing health benefits of onions:

  1. With the availability of the phytochemicals and vitamin C, onions help you improve your immunity. The intake of the bright green tops of green onions helps you to get rid of Vitamin A deficiency.
  2. Its chromium helps you in regulating your blood sugar.
  3. Its usage supports you to reduce heal and inflammation infections.
  4. Enjoy taking raw slices of onions with your meal. It will help you to lower the production of bad cholesterol (LDL) and hence, keeps your heart healthy.
  5. Enriched in a powerful compound, quercetin, onions play a crucial role in preventing cancer.
  6. Have you got stung by a honeybee? Using onion juice on the affected area will enable you to feel immediate from the burning sensation and pain.
  7. Onions are free radicals and hence, your risk of developing gastric ulcers gets reduced with onion intakes.

By Amit Kumar

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