Vegetables and spices such as onion, mustard, horseradish, ginger, and garlic have a strong aroma and flavour. When taken raw, they (vegetables and spices) can assist a lot to wipe off sinus. Their pungent smell and rich antioxidants combat mucus, causing bacteria and viruses. These are effective options for treating sinus infection. These are natural agents which do the job well.

Since this is something that is chronic and needs to be treated well. Many people are not sure how effective these natural remedies are. They work miracles on the sinus. Also, they do not cost you a bomb, which is the case like some other options in the market. Many people have taken to this and got wonderful results.

How do onions help fight against sinus?

Onions naturally contain sulphur that kills some bacteria. When chopped into small pieces and placed in boiling water, it can be remarkably efficient steam. Just inhale the steam into your mouth. It is a very simple way of getting rid of sinus pain. It works wonders and that is the best part about it.

When it is still hot, you can drink it too. Drinking it (hot onion water) can help you get rid of the bacteria in your throat. It takes just one sniff of an onion to stimulate the nose – making a runniness that temporarily unblocks sinus congestion. Hot onion soup is very efficient in clearing congestion and persistent headache.

An onion is a natural food item. And you use it in almost all curries. Add uncooked onions to your sandwiches and salads to get instant relief. Once you start taking this, things will become very simple. And you can have a great time. You will never feel the need to take medication for your sinus problem.

Popularity of onions for fight against sinus infection

Home remedies such as this are enjoying a resurgence in popularity lockstep with the worrisome rise of antibiotic-resistant infections. Also, parents are more hesitant to use conventional antibiotics. The hesitation is due to studies that have shown that antibiotics damage the intestinal health. Th effects of antibiotics stay for at least a year or two and even longer. They can increase the risk of autoimmune illness. Rather than having some medication, which produces side effects, you can go for this natural remedy without any problems.

Indeed, you should use antibiotics for life-threatening infections such as pneumonia. In less critical cases, however, a remedy such as an onion poultice is ideal to use to clear up the congestion of the lungs and facilitate healing. You can use onion soup or steam, or raw onions to lower the severity of your sinus problem. You will be amazed at the quick results.

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