Best Time To Drink Worst Time To Drink
NIGHT, warm milk soothes the body and helps in getting a good night’s sleep. MORNING, unless followed by lots of physical activity, milk can be heavy to digest and mess with your meal timing.


Best Time To Eat Worst Time To Eat
MORNING, Apple peel has the fiber pectin that helps in bowel movement and prevents constipation.Moreover, it also eliminates carcinogens. EVENING/NIGHT, Apple’s organic acids will increase the acid levels in your stomach leading to discomfort. Moreover, pectin too will burden your
digestive system.


Best Time To Eat Worst Time To Eat
EVENING, Walnuts contain a number of beneficial compounds such as Omega-3 fats and antioxidants. They have been proven to help in improving brain
MORNING/NOON/NIGHT, Eating walnuts during these times might be reduce its effectiveness.


Best Time To Eat Worst Time To Eat
Noon, Highly fibrous, banana helps in digestion. Moreover, bananas work as natural antacid and soothe heartburn. NIGHT, Eating banana at night can lead mucus formation and cold. Eating it on an empty stomach can upset the stomach since it’s a rich source of


Best Time To Eat Worst Time To Eat
Early Morning, For vegetarians, cheese is an excellent substitute for meat. If eaten in moderation, it can prevent weight gain and bloating NIGHT, Being heavy to digest, it can lead to indigestion and fat again.

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