Vinegar has been utilized for several cooking and household purposes for centuries. It is also considered as a folk remedy that claims to solve all health issues. The most famous and popular vinegar is apple cider. It provides several health benefits and some of them are supported by science. Here are the 5 most popular benefits of apple cider:

Enriched in Acetic Acid

There is a two step process to make vinegar. In the first step, apples are crushed and mixed with sugar and are turned into alcohol. Bacteria are added to alcoholic solution in the second step. Further it gets turned into acetic acid that is the main compound of apple cider vinegar. It contains proteins, friendly bacteria and enzymes that provide a murky, cobweb-like appearance to this vinegar. It also contains tiny amount of potassium, amino acids and antioxidants.

Potent antimicrobial

Apple cider or acetic acid is a potent antimicrobial. Traditionally used for cleaning, disinfecting and treating nail fungus & lice, it is used as a food preservative. You can use it for killing bacteria.

Lower blood sugar level

Regular intake of apple cider improves insulin sensitivity up to 19-34% that leads to a decrease in blood glucose. It decreases blood sugar by 34% if you intake 50 grams of white bread. You can use 2 tablespoon apple cider before your sleep to reduce fasting blood sugars by 4%. The studies done over rats and humans show that apple cider intake increases insulin sensitivity and lowers blood sugar responses during meals.

Support weight loss

As it increases insulin sensitivity and lowers blood sugar level so it makes sense that apple cider could help you lose your weight. A study done on human shows that regular intake of apple cider reduces belly fat & waist circumference and lower blood triglycerides. See the study report:

1 tablespoon daily – 1.2 kilograms

2 tablespoons daily – 1.7 kilograms

The desired results will be seen after 12 weeks and you will have good body shape.

Protective against cancer

Some of studies show that the intake of apple cider vinegar can reduce cancer cells and shrink tumours. All the studies have been done over rats and not on human. It is thought that human can have benefits in fighting with cancer.

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