Curd, dahi in Hindi, is a very popular food item across India. Made from milk, this dairy product is eaten with flattened chapattis (breads) or rice. It is considered that taking curd before a journey ensures the safety and good health. This dairy product offers numerous benefits, but we are going to mention only 8 in our series of foods for staying young.

Improve digestion

Your digestive system easily absorbs the nutrients present in curd. It also helps your body to absorb nutrients from other food items you have taken. According to a Taiwanese study, it supports in curing H Pylori infections, a very common stomach infection.

Stay health problems away

In today’s world, most of you are falling victim to heart related problems. You can maintain your heart health by consuming curd. Its intake reduces the cholesterol levels and minimizes high blood pressure risks.

Act as a great substitute of milk

Some of you can’t take milk as you are lactose intolerant. But you can easily take curd as a substitute of milk. The curd converts the lactose present in milk to lactic acid that becomes easier to digest and you will have all the nutrients that milk give.

Supports you lose your weight

Most of nutritionists include curd whenever they prepare a diet chart. The calcium present in this dairy product prevents your body from pumping more cortisol. Due to hormonal imbalance of cortisol, you can have numerous problems like obesity, hypertension and cholesterol.

Enhance immunity

This dairy product contains ‘good bacteria’ that enhances your immunity and fights against many microorganism present in the body. You (females) can keep yourself away from vaginal yeast infection by including it in your meal. Its regular intake keeps you away from infections and supports you stay healthy.

Great for your bones and teeth

Dairy products like curd and milk are good for your bones. It, like milk, is enriched with calcium and phosphorous. Its intake promotes your bone growth and makes your teeth stronger. In order to keep your bone strong and avoid painful diseases such as osteoporosis in future, include curd in your diet.

Good for skin

This dairy product has nutrients like vitamin E, zinc and phosphorous. Apply a mixture of gram flour, curd and lime juice on your face to make it glowing and attractive.

It has lactic acid which is highly acknowledged for anti-fungal properties. Due to this, it helps you to get rid of dandruff. Make a paste by mixing curd, water, lemon juice, egg, etc. Apply on your scalp, leave for an hour and thereafter wash your hair with water properly. You will get rid of your dandruff after its regular use for 2-3 weeks.

Supports to get rid of anxiety and stress

Due to very busy lifestyle and work pressure, some of you get stressed. You know being stressed can damage your health. Take some curd to stay away from tension or stress. According to the study conducted by UCLA’s School of Medicine, taking curd lowers the activity in the brain part that is responsible for pain and emotion.

The above mentioned benefits make curd a superb food item. Start consuming it on a regular basis to stay fit and healthy.

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