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All of us have sound knowledge about the health benefits of this fruit along with its revolutionary history of the discovery of Gravitational Force. Most of us don’t know that this fruit, apple, has some interesting and shocking secrets. I am going to reveal some of the amazing facts about the apple. Scroll the page to know how interesting this fruit is.

  1. Symbols of eternal youth

As per the Norse mythology, the apples are the symbol of eternal youth.

  1. Apple Pie is an England’s invention, but not an American one

Are you shocked? The apple pie is not an American invention, but it came from England in 1930 and the crust added to hold the dish was not supposed to be eaten as per the preparation. Later on, it became more delicious than the pie and the part of the dish.

  1. The apple floats on water

You know the apple has less dense than water. According to a study, 26% of its volume is air. And due to this, it displaces the water of the same amount when it is placed in water and it makes the apple to floats on water.

  1. Varieties of an apple

Did you know the varieties of an apple? There are approximately 7500 varieties of the apple around the world. Explore all of them.

  1. Phobia of eating apples

Astonished! Do not be shocked. In fact, there is a phobia of eating apples, which is known as Malusdomesticaphobia.

  1. Growing time

Do you want to grow apples in your farm on the hills? You’ll have to wait for 10 years to see an apple seed growing into a fruit.

  1. Apple seeds are poisonous

You know this healthy fruit has a poisonous element in its inside. The seeds of an apple have a fatal poison, which is known as Cyanide. You can get affected when you will chew 200 seeds, a study reveals.

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