According to an estimate, this earth has around eighty million species and 700000 of them are animals. You know all of these species live their life on raw food except human beings who cook their food on fire and hence, humans have a short life span. It has happened as humans get suffered from chronic diseases that are extensively related to lifestyle and diet.

The pets living with humans also get suffered from chronic ailments such as arthritis and cancer. It is as we feed our pets processed, cooked and packaged food. According to a famous wellness and dietician consultant, Dr Bettle PS, “the burnt nutrients are silent killers. Silently and slowly, the harmful effects of these accumulated toxins start showing up.” Have a look at what happened to cooked food:

  • The structure of protein molecular gets altered and this causes the destruction of some important amino acids.
  • Proteins harden.
  • Carbohydrate becomes sticky.
  • Around 50% of minerals and vitamins are lost.
  • Enzymes are completely destroyed.
  • Fats generate a lot of carcinogens.
  • Natural fibres get broken down.
  • Valuable oxygen is lost.
  • Free radicals get produced.
  • Pesticides available in plant food get converted into highly toxic compounds.
  • Premature ageing starts appearing.

It has scientifically been proved that eating fresh raw food helps our body healthy at any stage. So, Dr Bettle PS recommends us to include some raw food in every meal. Raw food helps stay protected from heart diseases, cancer and premature ageing.

You know all the animals have their fixed diet. I mean every animal knows what they have to eat. A tiger no matter how hungry he never eats grass. But it is hard for us to live our life on raw food. Now you can have a query like what to do now. Well, you have three options:

  • The first one is to live completely on raw food.
  • The second on is to keep it going on as we are doing now.
  • The third and last option is to include some raw food in your meal.

The first option is impossible for us, human beings and the second is not good for our health. We all easily go with the third option. Yes, start taking raw food in the form of salads, fruits and sprouts in every meal.

By Amit Kumar

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  1. Not possible for me to live completely on raw food! But I’ll start including some amount of raw food in my meal from today to stay young and healthy.

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