Staying protected From Health Concerns During Your US Trip- A Handy Guide

The United States is the dream travel destination of millions of people across the globe. Starting from great monuments to beautiful open areas, US has got everything to mesmerise its tourists. What also intrigues its tourists is its friendly environment with a lot of eateries to gorge on cheesy, creamy food and spots for recreational activities. If visiting the US is on your cards, then you have to keep your excitement in the backseat for some time, as it’s time for you to do some serious research on all possible health risks for you when in the United States. Once you are done with this research, you can plan your trip and take preventive measures accordingly. If you want to enjoy your US trip to the fullest without falling sick, then following these travel advice would be the best bet. Check out-

  1. Four to six weeks prior to your departure to the US, you must see your GP. Talk to them about your US trip and enquire if any vaccinations or other preventive measures would be needed. Get yourself vaccinated for every kind of health risk your US visit might pose on you. You can find out pertinent information about the exact state in America you are about to visit. This information may include epidemics the state has been recently hit by, common health issues experienced by foreigners in the state etc.
  2. If at any time of the trip, you feel you require an emergency medical assistance, call 911 and request for an ambulance. And in case you are referred to a medical facility, you must call up your insurance provider for guidance.
  3. Availing medical care in the United States can be an extremely expensive affair, and there may not be special arrangements for visitors from your country. So, it’s important to have access to funds to cover your medical expenses. And in case, you have travel health insurance, you should show promptness in contacting them for financial assistance.
  4. Many hospitals in the US ask non-US residents to pay a deposit at the time of the patient’s admittance. If the hospital where you are admitted asks for such a ‘good faith’ payment to be made, you should immediately direct the request to your travel health insurance provider. Only when the insurance provider asks you to make the payment, should you go ahead and make the deposit. Don’t worry, your treatment won’t get hampered by the processing of your claim.
  5. The USA is not a bug-free land. And instances of mosquito-borne disease outbreaks are common here. So, protect yourself well with clothes covering the full body and insect repellents to avoid bug bites. Tick- induced health issues like Lyme disease, and mosquito-borne diseases like eastern equine encephalitis, Chikungunya, Dengue fever, and West Nile virus can easily plague an unprotected traveller.
  6. There are certain regions in the US that get extremely cold during the winters. If you don’t want fever, cold and cough to spoil your trip, you should keep yourself clad in thick warm clothes at all times, especially when you are visiting a cold region, during the winter season.

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