Do you want to boost your kids’ IQ levels and sharpen your kid’s brain or mental skills? Start feeding them fish once a week, a recent study says. The result of the study reveals that the child eating fish once a week has higher IQ levels and improved mental skills. It also discloses that the consumption of fish is associated with his/her sleeping habit and social behaviour. Explore the truth.

What Recent Studies Say

The study published in the Scientific Reports says that the children who eat fish once a week have higher IQs and better sleep. According to the study, lack of sleep is related to bad cognition and antisocial behaviour. Taking fish with omega 3s decreases antisocial behaviour. The study was conducted for the group of 541 children of 9-11 years in China. 46 percent girls and 56% boys were asked to complete a questionnaire regarding how often they consumed fish in last few months. Their parents were also asked to complete the questionnaire related to kids sleep duration, night waking, daytime sleepiness and reading habits of kids.

What The Earlier Studies Say

The earlier studies related to kids ID level and fish revealed a relationship the fatty acids, omega 3s, in many kinds of fish and intelligence and better sleep and omega 3s as well. They have never been connected earlier.

Are all fish good?

The most 5 common fish such as salmon, shrimp, catfish, Pollock and canned light tuna, as per a recent report of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), are considered good options for a healthy brain.

Final Words

It doesn’t matter what kind of food you eat, but it matters a lot how you allow your body to be at ease and coddle it with sound sleep and the rest for the proper function of the entire system. Keep in mind that the foods such as fish and milk are the ones that nourish your body organs.

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