Today’s world is very different from the one 20-30 years ago. In this age, most of us are very aware of our health and do all the possible things to stay healthy and fit. For the benefit of our site visitors, you, I have conducted a lot of researches and consulted a few persons. In my study, I have observed that dance especially Belly Dance helps a person to stay fit and healthy.

Mehar Malik, the Director of Banjara School of Dance, says, “One of the most natural dance forms for a woman’s body, belly dance is deeply connected to the womb. This, in turn, empowers a woman on a psychological level.” It is believed that Belly Dance helps the foetus move into the optimal position for birth when practised during pregnancy. The dance’s fluid and smooth movements strengthen core muscles without applying high pressure on them. Chaitali Soparkar Kohli, a freelance belly dance instructor, says “The dance technique has been used by Arabs for hundreds of years to condition women for child birth. It helps activate the pelvic muscles and relieves back pain during pregnancy.It also increases blood circulation, thus helping the foetus get more oxygen. But certain moves such as shoulder rolls and hip circles need to be steered clear of.” According to Bindu Bolar, the director of Lights, Camera and Dance, It triggers something in your conscience when the posture itself is very beautiful. You look at yourself in the mirror and feel good.

Be familiar with your belly dance

  • It helps you to burn 250-300 calories per hour and supports you to have better muscle control.
  • It improves your memory power.
  • It does more than the weight loss. It helps you stay healthy and fit if you do its regular practice.
  • It improves your balance, posture, co-ordination and flexibility. Being of low impact, it allows you to practice right after recovering from an injury.
  • It is sure most of you (women) don’t want to expose your belly. Wear a hip scarf to cover your belly area. Have a coin belt to accentuate your movements and tune your body to the rhythm.

By Amit Kumar

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