We all know about Mathura ka Peda (milk cream sweets available in Mathura, UP, India). But most of us are unable to taste that peda as we have to go there for it. Don’t go anywhere and taste Kesar Peda prepared by you at home. You need to take around 50 minutes in preparation and cooking this recipe. Get ready, collect the mentioned ingredients and make delicious kesar peda.


  • ½ tea spoon cardamom powder
  • 1tea spoon cardamom seeds semi crushed
  • 1table spoon slivered or crushed pistachios
  • 1table spoon warm milk
  • 2 drops saffron color (optional)
  • 300gms sugar powdered
  • 500g Soft white milk fudge (khoya)
  • A few strands of saffron


  • Take a table spoon warm milk and use it to soak the saffron.
  • Crush the khoya (milk fudge). You can grate it if you find it very hard. Mix it with powdered sugar.
  • Place this mixture in a nonstick or a large heavy pan. Heat the pan on medium flame for few minutes. After reducing the flame, keep cooking until the mixture becomes soft.
  • Keep stirring while cooking the mixture. Add saffron and cardamom when the mixture gets thicker. You can add color as per your wish.
  • Take off the pan from the heat and allow the mixture to cool down.
  • Give a peda like shape with the help of your rounded palms. Spread cardamom and pistachios seeds and press the seeds on the top of each peda.
  • Sprinkle at the bottom when you are using the molds. Press the mold after taking some mixture into it. Unmold and take out the shaped peda when the mixture sets well inside the mold.
  • Now, serve the delicious peds to your loved ones.

By Amit Kumar

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