You know eating healthy offers lots of benefits like control body weight, stimulate brain chemicals and combat diseases. But a large number of you are away from a balanced and healthy diet. It is your love for junk foods that keep you away from healthy meal. Ryan Fernando, a famous nutritionist, says, “People tend to eat food with higher quantity of fat and sugar when they are stressed out. Craving often results from a lack of essential and balanced minerals in the body.”

We all should be away from processed food items and beverages, as they may consist of a high amount of sugar as well as preservatives that can cause harm to our physical well-being. You should take the healthy and avoid junk foods. Here are some healthy alternatives to junk foods.

Multigrain Bread

Multigrain bread is good and wholesome food for elderly people along with kids at home. Low in calorie and sugar-free baked items such as high-fiber cookies and wheat biscuits could be yummy alternatives to junk foods like bakery products that contain more sugar.


Known as bhutta in Hindi, corn is rich in proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and other minerals. You can use sweet or baby corn in soups, salads and sandwiches. Mix it with chaat for a lip-smacking treat with your loved ones.

Rice Noodles, Whole-Wheat Pasta

Prepared using your favorite vegetables, a plate of thin rice noodles taste better than the ones you take at restaurants in your city or town. Try home-made wheat pizza and pasta crust without cheese or butter to give a tasty surprise to your loved ones.

Fresh Juice

Stay away from artificially sweetened soft and carbonated drinks for freshly made fruit and vegetable juices at your home. Such a treat helps you to maintain good healthy and supple skin. Tender coconut and lassi could also work wonders for your skin. It eases digestion.

Starters or Appetizers

Keep yourself away from packaged frozen ready-to-cook snack items such as French fries, corns and nuggets. Opt for home-made crispies such as onion rings, potato chips and several different varieties of salads.

Masala Papad

The recipe for each one of you can be different. The choice of spices and salads to spread on this thin crust is yours. Several types of khakras could be a right combination with your evening tea or coffee.

Puffed Rice

Roasted puffed or plain rice could be a pleasant evening treat for you and your loved ones. Spice it up with crushed sprouts, papri, tamarind chutney and mint at home.

Home-Made Sweets

Puddings made at home with nuts and dry fruits such as pistachios and almonds as toppings could be your sweet something at home.

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  1. Great post you have done. I’ll leave junk foods and start taking healthy meals prepared at home to stay young, healthy and fit. Thank you Stay Young & Healthy Team

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