Potatoes are the fourth most consumed crop across the globe after wheat, rice and corn. All of us eat the potatoes roasted, mashed, sautéed and fried. If you think the potatoes are chunks of carbohydrate, you are totally wrong. They are loaded with carbohydrates, vitamin C and minerals like calcium, potassium, magnesium, manganese, copper and phosphorus. You need to change your thinking that taking potatoes makes you gain weight when you know their ability to improve digestion, boost heart health, reduce cholesterol levels, increase circulation, protect the skin, prevent cancer, reduce blood pressure and manage diabetes. This vegetable is used for several purposes and here are five unbelievable uses of potatoes:

Hair mask

Mash a potato after peeling it. Add a spoon of lemon juice to the mashed potato. Apply this mixture as a mask on your hair and leave it for 20 minutes. Wash your hair with warm water and get shiny and lustrous hair.

Shoe shiner

Cut a potato into two halves. Rub the one directly on the surface of your leather shoes. Let the shoes shine. It helps you restore your old shoes, as it brings the shine back to your shoes.

Tarnish Remover

The starch contents in potatoes support in removing the tarnish from your silver utensils. Soak the silver utensils in the potato-infused water for an hour. Gently scrub the silverware with a soft brush after removing the same from the infused water. Wipe the silverware with a clean cloth after rinsing it with water.

Stain Remover

Your hands are stained. Cut a potato and rub your hands against the cut side for 10-15 seconds. For immediate results, rinse your hands with clean water. The stains will disappear.

Beauty aid

Loaded with antioxidants, the use of potatoes helps you reduce blemishes and wrinkles. Mash a potato and add lemon juice to it. Apply the paste on your face for 20 minutes. The regular use of this helps you in rejuvenating the skin.

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