Balayam Yoga

Hair Fall and Baldness is the major problems that many people are facing nowadays. Hair Greying, baldness and hair fall, at a tender age, is a quite disturbing factor for a lot of people. For this, the ancient scholars of India have found out the best solution. Yes, the solution is there. It’s simple nail rubbing asana ( or exercise ) called as Balayam yoga. Let us now get to some interesting facts on this exercise in depth.

What’s Balayam Yoga?

Balayam yoga is one best yoga methodology that deals with hair related problems like premature greying, dandruff or hair fall and etc. This is called by name of the ‘prasanna mudra’. However, an only difference between the mudra or other mudras is a continuous movement of your hands rubbing against one another. Balyam is the nail rubbing work out and is the combination of 2 Hindi words ‘Bal’ that means ‘hair,’and ‘Vyayam’ means ‘exercise’. Balyam means an exercise for hair. To be quite specific, Balayam is one type of acupressure therapy in which the person who is doing it rubs their fingernails of their hands and this does help to stimulate the scalp.

How do nails rubbing help in hair growth?

Balayam is a straightforward way for doing the regrowth of the hair as per the ancient books or works of yoga and ayurveda by the ancient Indians. Balayam yoga is very popular and helps a great deal if done in the right way.

Balayam Yoga Benefits

Now, you’ve got the basic idea on what Balayam is. Let us know the balayam benefits and uses. Why must you do Balayam daily? Because you want the strong hair to last long. Yes, just by practising Balayam yoga, your hair really turns thick and strong.

  1. You will not face any kind of hair fall problems now and later in future with regular practice of the Balayam yoga. It is all natural and that is one of the best things about this.
  2. It also helps to make your hair black as well as clears grey and white hair issues. There are so many people who face this issue.
  3. Balayam is known to treat pattern baldness, alopecia areata, or many other hereditary problems of hair.

Balayam exercise is known to cure many other problems such as nerve disorders, headaches, insomnia and much.So, it is worth to spend 10 – 15 minutes on the Balayam exercise for health and beauty.

Are there any Side Effects of Balayam Yoga?

Suppose you rub tips of your fingernails of your one hand against the surface of the fingernails of your other hand, it increases hair growth on your ears and inside your ears. Suppose you rub both surfaces of both your thumb fingernails against one another, then one will see an increase in hairs of the moustache and the beard. Thus avoid doing this in both cases if you’re a woman. This is one of the best ways of overcoming hair related issues without any problems.

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