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Are you a side sleeper, stomach sleeper or back sleeper? How you like to sleep might hold clues on how well you are sleeping. There are many people willing to know the best way to sleep. But not many are sure. Let us look at some interesting thing which will guide us about these facts.

Importance of Sleep

Sleep is the time in which your entire body recovers and heals itself. It is your body’s time take out all trash and repair any damage before you get up. Without appropriate amount of the rest, your body starts to have a little difficulty in conducting daily tasks. Actually, poor sleep will lead to the impaired attention, concentration, poor alertness, reduced problem-solving skills and reasoning, and diminished sex drive. This will contribute towards the depression and premature aging of your skin and gain in weight. Sleeping on left side has many benefits, let us now look at some health benefits of sleeping on left side.

For your heart health

The study tells us 80% of heart is on left side of your body and through simple act of your sleeping on left side, can benefit your heart health in natural way —mainly by lymphatic system.

Promote right lymphatic drainage

Sleeping on the left side is most natural and this part is a dominant side of lymphatic system. Here your lymph system drains; lymph system carries some important elements like glucose, proteins, metabolites and these elements should be filtered by lymph nodes and need to get drained on left side.

For the anatomical reasons

You might not remember, but the stomach and pancreas are mainly on left side of the body. Suppose our sleeping side is on left, it favors good digestion. It’s one way to channel gastric juices to easily promote secretion of the pancreatic enzymes. This is will keep you in good health. Also will help you to avoid weight gain, which can cause many other problems for you.

For health of spleen

Spleen, as you know, is on the left side of your body. This particular organ is basic part of lymphatic system, and essential to filter the blood and execute enough lymphatic function. Suppose we sleep on left side of body, we can help to get all fluids directed to the spleen in simple way, and favoring natural sense of the gravity in body. This is big advantage and should be always kept in mind.

Are you somebody who takes naps?

Suppose you always take nap after eating, remember to sleep on the left side. This can favor digestion. You may wake up more alert as well as less tired, without bellyache. There are lots of people having an habit to sleep after food or in afternoon. This is a very important thing for them to keep in mind.

Thus, now you know, it is always advisable for you to sleep on the left side for your better health. So, are you going to try it tonight?

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