For most of you, dark circles are a common problem. As you want to stay looking young and beautiful so, you always want to get rid of dark circles. Markets around you are flooded with numerous products (creams and lotions), but most of you want to apply natural ways to treat the under eye dark circles. Dr Ashish Pandey, a professional dermatologist in Delhi, has mentioned a few tips that are very effective. At Stay Young & Healthy, I am going to mention tips to get rid of dark circles:

  1. Ensure you have sound sleep at night
  2. Include folic acid and calcium in your diet apart from vitamin B6 and B12
  3. Keep sipping water to stay hydrated if you are super busy
  4. Stay away from drinking and smoking
  5. Avoid rubbing the affected area under your eyes. Apply black/green tea bag or cold compress to reduce dark circles
  6. Apply high-quality sunscreen before going out in the sun, especially in summers
  7. Use a high-grade hydrating under eye cream to moisturize the eye area
  8. Using cucumber slices is the simplest tip to get rid of dark circles. Place slices of cucumber on your both eyes. Let the slices stay on your eyes for ten minutes. Use this for a month to get the desired results

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