All of us are very familiar with black tea and green tea. For losing weight and staying young, many of us use green tea or green coffee. Now the time is to know a new beverage, Blue Tea. Here are some astonishing health benefits of taking blue tea:

Health benefits of taking blue tea

  • Slow down the ageing process
  • Treat diabetes  
  • Promote hair and skin health
  • Boost brain activity
  • Help you get rid of anxiety and depression
  • Enhance your beauty
  • Lower the risk of cancer

1. Slow down the ageing process

Blue tea is rich in many antioxidants that support your body fight against free radicals that cause premature ageing and are toxic. Detox your body with a cup of blue tea to get help in slowing down your ageing process.

2. Treat diabetes

A cup of blue tea is rich in the antioxidants that decrease the risk of infections, which diabetics are prone to. Taking it between meals slows down the glucose intake and lowers blood sugar.

3. Promote hair and skin health

A cup of blue tea consists of several minerals and vitamins that help you keep your hair and skin looking great. It is, as it stops your skin and hair from being aged prematurely.

4. Boost brain activity

Being nootropic, blue tea refreshes your brain and enhances its functionality. This helps you stay energized and feel great.

5. Help you get rid of anxiety and depression

These days, anxiety and depression are very common to us. The young have a higher level of stress and this leads them to get depressed. Many studies suggest taking a cup of blue tea lowers the symptoms of anxiety and relieves stress.

6. Enhance your beauty

Rich in anti-glycation property, blue tea prevents your skin from ageing. In addition, it accelerates skin elasticity due to the presence of flavonoids that increase the orientation of collagen.

7. Lower the risk of cancer

Blue butter flowers are a rich source of numerous antioxidants. People know it for minimizing the damage to human body cells. Lesser damage to cells means lesser rick of cancers. Take a cup of blue tea to lower your risk of having any type of cancer.

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